John Hoey Web Design – Bootstrap

John Hoey Web Design – Bootstrap

Its been well over a week since my last blog post so I thought I would get something up today about what I have been doing and what the future holds. Work has been pretty busy, I’m currently redesigning the homepage and subpages for Its meant that I can work more on developing my skills using bootstrap as this was one area of web design that I havent really touched in the past. Normally, I would only look to develop a site with either HTML or WordPress and fair enough, a lot of Bootstrap sites are built using WordPress or PHP which is great to see and some themes are very easy to use. However, with this job is my main source of income (other than John Hoey Web Design), its been great to get to terms with it as a stand alone. We’ve been developing a new navigation bar which enables visitors to get to the information they need quickly and effectively. We have a big site, especially as it is designed to help 37,000 students at the University of Birmingham so, navigation is key. The previous and current navigation isn’t suitable for mobile, so this was one area that I want to develop and ensure that the visitor UX (user experience) was paramount. The other reason is that it takes 4 maybe 5 links currently to get to certain information, which is too long and not a great experience for the visitor, so this way I am hoping we will develop a better UX for the visitor.

new_navigation_gos john hoey web design bootstrap

We’ve still got a way to go as we need to ensure all the different departments have what they need in this and is then easily accessible for the user.

In other news, I’ve just completed the website for the Charlie Ramsey Research Fund, a charity based in Birmingham who raise awareness for children with heart defects. Its been a site I’ve been really pleased to work on and develop with the client. They have been extremely helpful with content and imagery and they are very happy with the outcome. Both me and the client know we still have some work left to complete, mainly in the back end of the website but we are 90% there and they are very happy. Win! Win!

I’m hoping to have some more news on a few projects in the pipeline shortly so fingers crossed!