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So here at John Hoey Web Design HQ, I’ve started to do this so I can share insights to what I am doing and how the business is coming along. I’m fairly new to this so I am going to just share thoughts on subjects and posts as well.

I’ve been reading some more books over the past couple of weeks, I’m trying desperately to work my way through JavaScript & JQuery – which I am finding very difficult to get into. It just reminds me of maths – alot of equations and something I am very interested in. I would recommend that you have to have a decent knowledge of code before you even begin, which is why I haven’t tried it before. It does look scary and to anyone who isn’t interested or seen coding before they probably think its goobledegook, but as the book progresses, its getting more interesting and I’m already picking up little hints and tips for my current job @GuildofStudents.

The second is ‘The Art of Social Media’ – already 3/4 pages in, this is more of a quick hints and tips book on how to increase your social presence and that of your clients.Already, I’ve picked up some great tips, including looking at blog aggregators such as www.alltop.com and I am looking forward to picking up some more tips that I can share with you all later on.

Web Design

My Freelancing is fairly busy, I’m going to visit a Birmingham based charity this afternoon that I recently quoted and I’m just finishing off another charity website which I will add the link to my blogs when I have completed. I’ve got a couple more quotes in at the minute so I am just waiting on those to come back to me, but safe to say I am hoping for a busy summer designing and developing websites.

If anyone has any design projects that they would like to collaborate on, please feel free to send me a email or call me.

Thanks for reading this ramble,