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Best marketing podcasts

  • On 17th October 2017

The best marketing podcasts

In this blog, I’d like to talk about three of the best marketing podcasts that I have listened to. So, if you’re anything like me, I’ll get in the car first thing in the morning and drive to work with either the radio or Spotify blasting. So to use my time more effectively, I thought I would start to use the time to learn. This is when I started to take a interest in podcasts and more specifically – marketing podcasts.

As a freelance web designer, digital marketing has been an area I’ve always been interested in but now as a small business owner its key to have an understanding of. I’ve also never really listened to any podcasts previously, let alone a marketing podcast and I’ve found these are a great way to take in short snippets of information.

What are the best marketing podcasts available?

So, this article contains my personal choice of a couple of the best marketing podcasts that I’ve found. It’s been a great way of keeping up to date with latest trends and developments. So here goes…


target internet - best marketing podcasts

Digital Marketing Podcast by Target Internet

This podcast is run by Target Internet and hosted by Daniel and Ciaran. The format is always relevant and as a new start up they give great insights into the latest tools and trends. Regular feedback and requests for topical ideas are also a great feature and makes you feel involved and I particularly like the fact that they host the podcast themselves on their website which are all embedded and also post all the links there too. The show can vary in length from 10 mins to 45 mins and they don’t waffle or fill the gaps with irrelevant content.

Good work chaps! helpful and interesting shows. Highly recommended to give a listen to.

Here’s the link to the latest podcast for Target Internet via iTunes


Internet Marketing Podcast by Site Visibility

Site Visibility produce a great podcast that feature a whole host of special guests from digital agencies across the globe. Again the podcasts can vary in length which keeps the content relevant and interesting. I’ve tweeted into them a few times and always get a response which is great as well.

The great thing with the site visibility website is that you get a full summary of the podcast so you can see whats in the show plus they provide all the links to the guest (this is particularly handy as this is how I heard of my final podcast recommendation) and a section on their site for ‘you may also like….’. They also embed the podcast so you can listen to at work from the desktop which is ideal for me.

Insightful, helpful and all round great show – definitely worth subscribing to.

Here’s the link to the latest podcast for Site Visibility via iTunes

agents of change podcast - the best markewting podcasts

The Agents of Change – Rich Brooks / Take Flyte Media

Finally my last review is for The Agents of Change podcast who are based out in Maine, USA. The podcast starts off with a voice snippet of the guest which draws you into the conversation straight away. I first heard Rich Brooks on the Site Visibility podcast which led me to purchase his book ‘The Lead Machine’ (again another great read so go check it out). The one thing I found with AOC podcast is that it feels like you are just sitting in on a conversation, I’ve even found myself join in and start talking to the radio!

Another great feature is they also have all the ‘show notes’ hosted on their website so if you need any links or want to read over what is said – you can!

The AOC podcast is usually every other week on itunes and definitely worth listening to.



So there you have it, my personal choice on the best marketing podcasts around. Personally, all three podcasts have a relaxed, conversational feeling to them which is enjoyable to listen to.  I’m hoping to write some more blog articles and I’d welcome any feedback on the article.

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