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John Hoey Web Design acquired by The Marketing People

  • On 11th November 2019
John Hoey Web Design is delighted to announce its acquisition by The Marketing People. For you, as existing customers, this provides many benefits, a full team of experts who are available to support and service your business development and sales projects. The move will see director John Hoey take on the role of SEO Manager, […]
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Gutenberg WordPress Plugin review

  • On 1st November 2017
Gutenberg Plugin for WordPress The Gutenberg wordpress plugin has been making waves on blogs around the world. It is a new development within wordpress to replace the current text block and post elements. So I thought there is no better way than to give it a whirl and install this on my site. Now, the […]
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  • Now, the first thing we should note is that this is still in development - so there are going to be some blips / issues with running this - and they do state not to use on a current site. The description provided by the developers that 'The new post and page building experience will make writing rich posts effortless' - so lets hope it lives up to its expectations and all the faults can be ironed out by the GitHub community fairly quickly.So, once we have installed the plugin, we can add a new post. We see the newly installed Gutenberg for Wordpress gives a clean, fresh approach and everything is set in drop down menus.The Gutenberg wordpress plugin has a modern, minimalist design with text block elements and functionality. When you click on the (+) sign it reminds me a little of visual composer or bootstrap elements - very much like a drag and drop editor. Extended settings host all additional settings, including Yoast SEO.

    What next for the Gutenberg wordpress plugin?

    This plugin would be great for bloggers on the go. Able to write posts from their mobile phones from the comfort of a cafe or seat on a train. Even in the burger menu there is a option for ‘text only’ html setting which even on its own looks clean and smart.The only downside from my view is because the design is so different to previous versions, I feel lost trying to find different menus or icons – its like going from IOS to Andriod software – it just takes a while to get your bearings. Everything is there, its just a bit of a mishmash at first.

    In conclusion

    Personally, I feel that the Gutenberg Wordpress developers have started on something small within the Wordpress design layout. Ultimately, you could see this layout design rolling out across the whole dashboard. Keeping it modern and one of the best CMS out there.and it hasn't gone down very well on its wordpress page with only a 2.5 star rating so there is still lots to do.Personally, I find Wordpress very user friendly. It will be interesting to see this integrated deeper into the CMS and its knock on effect. Will it cause plugin conflicts? or other issues with the code? I don't know.Just remember that you can't change the world in a day" target="_blank">

Best marketing podcasts

  • On 17th October 2017
The best marketing podcasts In this blog, I’d like to talk about three of the best marketing podcasts that I have listened to. So, if you’re anything like me, I’ll get in the car first thing in the morning and drive to work with either the radio or Spotify blasting. So to use my time […]
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Welcome Aboard

  • On 22nd September 2017
Welcome to the new John Hoey Web Design Website. What’s New? We hope you have a good snoop around and take in everything we have to offer as well. Remember to sign up for our newsletter and to keep checking both our Twitter and Facebook account for some special offers that we are looking to […]
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