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Hootsuite Boost

  • On 25th June 2018

What is Hootsuite Boost?

Hootsuite have announced a new product called ‘Hootsuite Boost’

Accordingly to the official press release, Hootsuite Boost is “a new feature in the Hootsuite platform that allows customers to easily identify and promote top performing Facebook content to reach new audiences.”

What does Hootsuite Boost do?

Anyone who creates facebook posts through its Hootsuite platform, can automatically ‘boost’ their top performing content using the new product. Thus, extending the reach of the post and allows you to reach a wider audience.

It will be interesting to see if the platform allows users to boost posts for free or if you have to pay through their advertising streams perhaps at a reduced rate.

It does say through that Hootsuite Boost allows “users to manage organic and paid activity”.

What are the benefits of Hootsuite Boost?

When visiting – Boost seems to be automatically integrated into your platform for the ‘free’ setup but adds additional options based upon the subscription that you pay for.

The free option doesn’t give you any kind of ‘boost’ to your add spend whereby the ‘Professional’ package you get an additional £400 of ad spend. But we do know that in order to use this product as well you need to create a facebook Ad account as well.


It is cautious to note that this product is purely based upon an agreement with Facebook. Therefore it isnt integrated with other social media platforms like Twitter or Linked In. However, if this is successful then the others could follow suit.


We still like to promote content through your website and then use your social media platforms to promote said pages.

We are firm believers that organic traffic is more beneficial then short term ‘quick’ posts, especially with regards to brand awareness.

But, Hootsuite is an invaluable tool for any digital marketer and small business. It is quick and easy to get your social content calendar in order using this software. The benefit of using Boost will only add to the power of Hootsuite in the long term.


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