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Project Description

Cirque Du Tattoo Festival is the inaugural event setup by New Identity Tattoos. The brand have Tattoo parlours at various locations across the West Midlands (Pelsall, West Bromwich & Wylde Green). The event, held at Walsall’s Bescott Stadium in July 2017, attracted Tattoo Artists, suppliers and shops from across the UK to showcase their work over the weekend.

Project Task:

To create an engaging website that would encourage users to browse the artists / suppliers showcasing their work and supply links to purchase tickets to the event. We were also asked to setup the site for Google and other search engines. The website is also setup to offer the client the facility to blog and setup a mailing list with training provided.

What we provided:

  • WordPress (CMS) based website
  • Responsive Web Design and Development
  • Email Setup and Hosting
  • Detailed SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) setup including keyword research
  • Local SEO setup
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Google Analytics setup and Analysis
  • Mailing List setup
  • 12 month support package and Training included

Project Details

  • Company NameCirque Du Tattoo Festival
  • Industry SectorBody Art & Design
  • DateNovember 2016